SEO Work - Back your talent!

I have several websites and I've neglected them all..........for years. I have another business that has and still does, take up my time.

I am not looking for a company (Companies do not ring me!) just one person and I will only pay a % from profits. Did you read that carefully?

Now the good news! I am a friendly guy and flexible regarding any suggestions on payment and %'s The business has, at times, made a few £k a week just by being on P1 search engines, I'd pay a large % of that to a good SEO guy/gal.

Young? Want something positive for your portfolio? This should be easy. Read one of the sites Rubberfix, if interested, then ring my number!

You can be based anywhere, but, local has the advantages of being able to come to out premises and satisfy yourself that we are a legitimate enterprise.

Phone: 07950 786081