Lightweight Hard Case Double Bass 3/4 size, extra strong
Price: £100

Upright Bass Hard Case 3/4 Size with Wheels, Lightweight. Lovely deep red plush lining.

Strap high on back of neck makes for easy pulling or pushing. Good big pockets on outside, zipper all around outside and velcro closure flap. Velcro strap over neck holds bass in place well. Room for bridge and endpin to not get bumped inside case.

Great "Roadie" case. This hard case is great for transporting your bass in the van/truck with the rest of the bands gear as it will protect it quite well. Being used often now days for airline flights.

Many bands are traveling with this lightweight hard case on planes as it keeps the weight under 50 lbs and is good enough protection in most instances.

Features are:

Lightweight but strong
Side and top reinforced carrying pull straps
Hard plastic bumpers are sewed onto the bottom so the case stands up stably
Hard plastic bumpers are sewed on the hinged side to protect the case from scraping the floor
2 bow holders inside with padded strap locks
Heavy duty wheels make it easy to haul around
Heavy duty velcro strap inside for neck
Storage pocket on outside front with velcro closure
1 Large sturdy outside zippered music compartment on the back

Must be collected from near Norwich

I have reduced the price to sell quickly - the money will be going to another musician who had her fiddle smashed by accident at a festival - so it's going to a good cause!

Phone: 01508 530934